Berkley is recognized as a leading market in the ocean marine class of business. We have a team of experienced marine underwriters that provide best in class service and act as trusted advisors to our business partners.

Key data points

This covers tangible product (cargo) while in transit during international and domestic voyages, typically via ocean vessel, aircraft, truck, rail, or barge. With multiple risk exposures faced during a typical voyage, cargo insurance is a critical component in managing a companies overall financial interest during the logistics process.

Our product highlights include

Ocean Cargo insurance is an “all risks” coverage that addresses the exposures associated with cargo being shipped around the world. Coverage is typically warehouse to warehouse, for both imports, exports, domestic shipments and intercompany moves. Our clients are typically Importers and Exporters of goods, domiciled in the United States and/or Canada.

  • We use industry leading manuscript policy forms, but these can often be further customized to address the specific coverage needs for clients.
  • Additional coverage available are warehouse storage, commonly known as a stock throughput policy, one off stray risk shipments, excess transit and in some instances, excess stock/inventory

Additionally, we offer best in class claim service through both our internal claims department and TPA partner, along with risk control services for load, stow, discharge surveys, as well as warehouse inspections for inventory coverage.