Complementing the specialized portfolio that Berkley Offshore writes, the claims department is able to draw upon the experience and expertise required to effectively handle our clients’ insurance losses if and when they arise. Whether the claims be simple or complex, our aim is to work with our clients whilst upholding our claim philosophy of “Equity, efficiency and professionalism”.

We believe

  • in the value of good relationships with our clients.
    We recognise that clients have a choice. We know that many of our clients become or are already long term clients. We aim to offer a first class claims service as part of the overall product offered. We aim to work with and fully understand our client’s operations and relevant personnel to form partnerships that complement the underwriting side. Where possible before a loss occurs.
  • claims is a crucial component of the overall product offered to our clients.
    If there were no claims or the chance, however remote, of a claim occurring then our clients would not need insurance. The possibility of a claim(s) is the reason that our clients purchase insurance. It simply follows that Claims is a crucial component of the overall product offered to our clients.
  • in the satisfactory resolution of all claims.
    In the unfortunate event that a claim presents itself we hope to have built up the trust, understanding and partnership elements crucial for the successful resolution of a claim. We recognise that there will potentially be disputes, disagreements and difficult times. During these times we know that effective communication and our relationship with our client is key.
  • in the points made above and commit to our philosophy of “Equity, efficiency and professionalism”.

“Equity, efficiency and professionalism”

Contact for claims enquiries:

London: [email protected]
New York: [email protected]